Zero to Hero: An Introduction

I still haven’t found enough time or inspiration to write anything worth being proud enough of to post but I’m eager to participate in the Zero to Hero blogging school so I thought I would at least try to write up a little introduction.

I’m an eighteen year old university student in my first year of engineering. I’ve always enjoyed writing and used it as a form of therapy. I’m naturally quite shy so my writing provides me a way to express myself and address the many conflicting emotions I experience throughout the day but are unable to share with others. Writing also provides me a distraction from my stress and worry. I mostly write personal poetry with an occasional short story.

By blogging publicly I’m hoping to write more frequently then I have been in the last year. I’m also hoping I will be able to improve my writing by reading others pieces and by receiving constructive criticism from other bloggers. Thank you for reading. 


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