Personal Atonement

Hesitance tempered with longing,

wrenches the door open, releases

a fine layer of dust into the air.

It plays in the light, overly simple,

that seems to emanate from everywhere

and nowhere. The prior sensation wins

but my feet, heavy, trudge on

into the hallway of nostalgia, previously barricaded

from my over idealistic mind.

“Something wicked this way comes.”

He appears before me like a symbol

of misplaced day dreams, wasted

what if’s and if only’s, but no!

I am awake. I am seeing flesh.

With each step my stomach revolts, nausea,

my mind recoils with indoctrinated reluctance

but I banish those too familiar emotions.

“Hi,” a simple phrase, over wrought in honey,

tasting sweet but feeling sweaty on my tongue.

He turns, releases a galaxy worth of light,

repays me with an equal worth of syllables,

and returns to his previous engagement.

Prospectively, this is little, nearly nothing

but to me, it is enough: it will muzzle

the demons, hold their tongues at bay.

Perhaps I will sleep tonight.






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