Friendship, I tried

She punctuates her sentences
like warning shots
through folds of white submission
grasped between the charcoal
smudged linen of my fingers.
Forgetfulness tempered with
hypocrisy cleans the prints away
like dish soap revolutions.
You can’t erase what you cry down.
I didn’t mean to sleep
through the intermission show
but the cow carcass hides
binding the fragments
of my unsolicited toenails
was already fraying into beige.
I had to watch
not to betray our position.
The inarticulate red Picasso
I calculated, docile, for them
at the scream of a trumpet horn
she sees with a tightly looped
bow for me but it’s still a month early
I have to remind myself
when the calendars pick allies
so sick of being free.



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